A girlfriend experience (GFE) is a commercial experience that blurs the boundaries between a financial transaction and a romantic relationship.

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What does the acronym GFE mean in a text message? In texting, what is the meaning of GFE? Answer Question.

GFE stands for "girlfriend experience", which means extra conversation, extra cuddling and kissing, and a chance of a bareback blowjob. The authors assessed the GFE and said, Sex is part of the package, but it is coupled with mutual sharing, support and companionship.

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I know what the urban dictionary definition of GFE says it means but I am curious to hear from the members of this forum what your definition of what a GF.

Definition. gfe. good faith estimate (mortgage or loan related estimate of closing costs). Today these loans do not require the provision of a GFE or HUD-1 (although they do require Regulation Z disclosures). Other important features of the calculator include: one-click ordering for title services.

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GFE vs PSE (GFE = girl friend experience) (PSE = Porn Star Experience) So the provider offers both GFE and PSE and you are unsure of the differences. If so, GFE is for you. A girl friend experience is the type of experience you would expect from someone you have a relationship with.

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MLA style: "GFE." Acronym Finder. GFE. Good Faith Estimate (mortgage or loan related estimate of closing costs).

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